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Join Texas Rovers at SCARR 2023, as we celebrate the 6th Barbara Toy Tribute Run on the 66th Anniversary of Barbara and Pollyanna’s completion of their first solo round the world trip. Pollyanna was Barbara’s Land Rover Series 1 soft top, used on multiple solo expeditions around the world. Most notable to Barbara’s adventures was her first solo adventure in 1950, just two years after the launch of the Land Rover and 5 years after the cessation of WWII. Barbara was a writer, playwright, and adventurist, as well as an inspiration for every person with a sense of adventure and a desire to explore. Join us as we celebrate her life and accomplishments, while you learn about your Land Rover and the off-road experience.

Ladies, it’s time to register for the 6th original Barbara Toy Tribute Run. This year, it will be lead by Co-founder Laura Shacklette. All ladies are invited to bring a truck or ride along as a passenger. Meet Laura at the small Pavilion at 1:30 pm on Friday and 9:30 am on Saturday for basic instruction and a participant experience evaluation. After the initial meet and greet, the group will take to the trails for practical instructions. Men are welcome as passengers ONLY and can use this opportunity to hone their passenger skills.


Please email me at if you need a seat. You can also purchase a Barbara Toy shirt for $15.00 when you register.


Texas Rovers are proud to carry on the tradition of inspiring women in the enjoyment of the great outdoors, while learning to safely off-road their vehicles.


Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact

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