1. How do I get in and out of the park?


Barnwell Mountain business hours are from Noon Thursday until Midnight.

8:00 AM until Midnight on Friday and Saturday and 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Sunday.

The gates will be open and attendees must pay the required park fees at the

front office.

2. Where are the bathrooms?


Porta-potties are at the campsites.  Toilets and showers are behind the main office and near the main pavilion.


3. How do I buy ice?


Ice will be sold at the front registration desk during registration hours. Correct change is appreciated. The price will be listed at the desk.


4. Where should I go to camp?


Camp Mabey is the main campsite. Follow the signs back to the camp - it’s about a 10-minute drive. Old Camp will be another established campsite where the Fun Zone will reside for the week. You are welcome to take advantage of any of the other designated campsites on the property. If you use them, please be respectful of the other clubs’ campsites and make sure to leave it cleaner than you found it.


5. Who is in charge here? I would like to compliment them or I have a question. 


Please see one of the club officials who will be wearing a colored shirt with “STAFF” printed on it.


6. May I run trails at night? 


Yes, but 10:00 PM is the cutoff. You need to be OFF THE TRAIL AT 10:00 PM. Absolutely, NO trail running after 10:00 PM or your name/info will be given to BMRA to take action against you for park rule violations.


7. What’s the deal with the raffle? 


This year due to safety precautions, we will not be hosting a normal

raffle. Instead, all registered attendees will receive one raffle ticket.

On Saturday evening, we will host a virtual raffle for prizes.


8. Do I need a CB or Ham radio? 


Yes, it is highly recommended that you have a CB radio or Ham radio to communicate with spotters, trail leaders, and other drivers. The Ham frequency for the event will be 147.470 simplex.

9. Are dogs allowed in the park?


Yes, well-behaved dogs will be allowed in the park. If you choose to bring a dog(s) to the event, the animal(s) MUST be leashed at ALL times and MUST be kept away from the pavilion during meal times. You know your pet best. If your dog does not do well around vehicles, children, adults, other dogs, etc., DO NOT bring it to the event! If for any reason we feel that your pet is disrupting or causing a threat to other attendees, you may be asked to leave the event without a refund. Please choose wisely. As always, it is your responsibility to pick up after your dogs.


10. Does my vehicle have to be approved before I can participate in trail runs?


Vehicles that plan on joining in on EVENT-ORGANIZED TRAIL RUNS will be subjected to a pre-trail checklist before they participate in the run. This is not a comprehensive safety list but a tool to help eliminate obvious potential risk factors. If your vehicle does not meet the requirements, you will be asked to address the issues before joining in on the event-organized trail runs. Please click HERE to view our Pre-Trail Checklist.


11. Can I bring my Jeep, Toyota, ATV, Dirt Bike, etc.?


SCARR is a Land Rover event, organized by a Land Rover Club. However, unlike

years past where we have had a closed event, this year the park is open to

the public so all vehicles are welcome!


12. Do I need a Texas OHV sticker?


Yes, all OFF-ROAD vehicles must display a current Texas Parks and Wildlife OHV sticker while in the park. The sticker is required by state law and enforced by game wardens at all parks that accept state grants. As a courtesy to patrons, the BMRA office maintains a supply of stickers for $17 each. More information regarding the Texas Parks and Wildlife OHV Sticker Program is available at Texas Parks and Wildlife.



As always, ALCOHOL IS PROHIBITED WHILE DRIVING – THIS APPLIES TO BOTH DRIVERS AND PASSENGERS - NO EXCEPTIONS. This includes both on the trails and on the main access roads. This applies to night runs as well. Please be responsible adults and DO NOT drive under the influence. You will be asked to leave without a refund if you violate this policy.




Frequently Asked Questions