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SCARR History

In the beginning..

In early 2004, Sean Sweeney (still a current member) dropped by Land Rover Frisco and spoke to Ross Mabey a Sales Associate and President of the Club at the time about the idea of possibly hosting a local Rover event similar to the National Rally. Ross thought this was a great idea and after serching for a name for the event it was decided that as the two dealerships at the time Dallas and Frisco were considered by Land Rover North America to be in the South Central Area, it was then a simple matter to add on Rover Rally and SCARR was born.


At a subsequent club meeting at Pugsley Library in Dallas Ross announced the idea of the event and shocked everybody when he said it would take place in 6 weeks time. Roughly 20 members camped at Barnwell for the first SCARR in an area called Lone Pine. Later that evening around a campfire under a clear sky somebody mentioned that rain had been forecast which was met with great laughter. Later that night a thunderstorm rolled through  producing an absolute downpour blowing down tents and turning the ground into mud. A legend was born and rain has been part of SCARR ever since. 

20 years on, over 4,000 attendees and countless stories of friendships have made SCARR is still one of the premier Club organized Rover only events in the United States, Often copied never equaled.  

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